We understand. And we can help.

A Johnson and Johnson Company.  Do those words put a longing in your heart? If so then you are not alone. In fact many of Jocoto’s clients have made it perfectly clear to us that they have a well-defined exit strategy. And over the years we’ve been very effective at helping them reach that goal. Our experience has shown us that there are two tried and true methods that have speeded the path to acquisition for a host of our clients.

1). Capture Attention and Respect

Build a brand that gets noticed and positions your company as a true innovator and leader in your space. Big guys like to buy hot brands.

2). Become a Thorn in the Side

Create a campaign that targets a specific competitor or technology and begins to chip away market share. Big guys like to eliminate the competition by bringing it into the fold.

Next thing you know—everybody’s cracking open champagne.


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