Carl Zeiss Meditec    

And the movement was positive.

Picture this. You’re a big powerful, established, successful vision company looking for a nice little trade show campaign.  So you hire an up and coming agency to work up some concepts and then they come in and show you frogs, flamingos and sunflowers. And yet, somehow it all seems to make sense. Then before you know it things spin out of control and suddenly it turns into a whole corporate campaign and you find yourself asking the agency “we’re doing the right thing aren’t we? Tell me we’re doing the right thing” (really, the client actually said this to us).

If a 40% increase in sales is the right thing then yes… you’re doing the right thing. The campaign became a blockbuster success envied throughout the industry and the V.P. of Marketing quickly became the President and COO of a competitor.

That’s the power of the unexpected.


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