Our clients aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

"Jocoto did an excellent job understanding our commercial goals and crafting a marketing campaign that captured the essence of our strategy and message"

Chief Commercial Officer


 “There were literally cheers and shrieks coming out of the break room when a group of assemblers were looking over the proofs...you awakened a sense of pride and stirred emotion in a lot of us by presenting our products in a new light. I am extremely enthusiastic...”

 VP of Marketing
Met One Instruments


“I just wanted you to know in the 15 years I have been in this business this has got to be the BEST campaign I have seen. I think it is brilliant!! Just wanted you to know how much I like it!”

Customer Comment
Southern Implants


“You guys deserve an Oscar for the great work you’ve done for us. To my knowledge this is the first time in a very long time that R2 has a cohesive brand.”

Marketing Communications Manager
R2 Technologies


 “The American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting was a resounding success for Carl Zeiss. Please accept my personal thanks for making this year’s AAO one of the best ever for Zeiss!”

VP, Marketing
Carl Zeiss Meditec


“Small but mighty.”

VP, Sales & Marketing
Tri-anim Health Solutions


“You guys are the best. It’s been a big job and thanks to you, we are already getting great feedback from our distributors and our sales reps.”

Marketing Communications Manager


“The work is beautiful. The graphics are grabbing and the copy is terrific. You’ve succeeded in taking a complicated subject and making it easy to understand and appealing to look at and read.”

Director of Marketing
Edwards Medical Supply