Southern Implants    


But that’s just because they bit down on something hard.

Ever seen an ad for dental implants? How about a brochure for dental implants? No? Well, think Home Depot. So if you’re an upstart dental implant company with a solid track record in South Africa but virtually no brand awareness in the U.S.–how do you get noticed? Hey, we’ve got an idea… light bulbs!

No seriously, light bulbs. Why do you look like that? We’re not kidding.

After they thought about it for a couple of days, Southern Implants called us back and said “can’t believe we’re saying this but…” And so light bulbs it was. And here’s the funny thing. After the first ever U.S. trade show for Southern Implants (where they unveiled the light bulbs for the first time) that ache of uncertainty put a smile on their face.

That’s the power of the unexpected


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